We would like to start a business in Norway that will be 100% sustainable with 0% impact on the environment. Creating stable local jobs, more wealth and liveability in the region. Our objective is to become a central learning and meeting point on how to create a sustainable society by setting an example. We want to show the world how a better future for businesses and civilians can be created. We believe that living in dynamic equilibrium with the environment is possible today! Cradle to cradle technology is already available on many terrains. Total waste recycling, green energy and clean water technology are already advanced enough to achieve a low impact living environment. The only thing needed is a place where it all comes together.



We are looking for communities, small and medium businesses, private enterprises and investors. Are you, just as we are, interested in a more balances and healthier future?
Interested in who we are, our vision, plan and what we can offer to you? Please contact us and we will send you more detailed information.